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Maya Plisetskaya Dances Ballet (Documentary, 1964)

Maya Plisetskaya Dances Ballet (Documentary, 1964)

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In June 1934, Maya Plisetskaya was admitted to the Moscow Ballet School. After years of study, she fell on hard times. Her parents were persecuted, and then the war started and Maya with her mother, who returned from prison, had to flee the country.

Her exceptional skills as a young ballerina – a big step, high jump, a great rotation, expressive hands, her artistic temperament and an extraordinary sensitivity to music – were marked by teachers. June 21, 1941 Maya successfully debuted at the graduation concert in the school orchestra on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre of this branch.

Two years later, April 1, 1943 Maya Plisetskaya, having passed final examinations perfectly well, was admitted to the Bolshoi Theater. Like most college graduates, the future great ballerina was enrolled in the corps de ballet and the rest is history.

This is a fascinating documentary on an interesting life and an exceptionally skilled dancer.