Salome (Concert) - Verbier Festival, Switzerland - July 21, 2017 (High – Iconic Arts
Salome (Concert) - Verbier Festival, Switzerland - July 21, 2017 (High Definition Digital Video)

Salome (Concert) - Verbier Festival, Switzerland - July 21, 2017 (High Definition Digital Video)

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Title: Salome (Concert)
Composer: Richard Strauss
Date: July 21, 2017
Location: Salle des Combins, Verbier Festival, Switzerland
Language: German
Subtitles: None
Media Download Available: High Definition Digital Video (HD DVD)
Quality: Superb (High Definition)/Professional (1.32 GB)

Details: For his last season as Music Director of the Verbier Festival Orchestra (VFO), Charles Dutoit opens the 2017 Verbier Festival with a concert version of Richard Strauss' Salomé.

Revisited many times over the course of the centuries, a new interest in the story of the biblical character Saloméflowered in the second half of the 19th century. Numerous writers drew inspiration from her tale, including Charles Baudelaire in his 1857 poetry collection Fleurs du Mal, Gustave Flaubert in his short story Hérodias from his 1877 work Trois Contes, and Oscar Wilde in his 1893 Salomé. It is from Wilde's one-act play in a German translation by Hedwig Lachmann that Strauss drew the libretto for his eponymous opera. Salomé's 1905 premiere at Dresden's Hofoper was a resounding success, with no less than 38 encores! Mahler called it, "one of the most important works of our age." Strauss later created a French version of his opera based on Wilde's original prose with the help of the author and musicologist Romain Rolland, which was premiered in 1907.
Insulted by the prophet Jochanaan's refusal of her kisses, Salomé, an obstinate princess, decides to seek vengeance at all costs. In exchange for his head, she dances for her step-father Herod.
  • Gun-Brit Barkmin | Salome
  • Jane Henschel | Herodias
  • Egils Silins | Jochanaan
  • Gerhard Siegel | Herodes
  • Andrew Staples | Narraboth
  • Idunnu Münch | Page of Herodias
  • Pawel Konik | First Nazarene and First Soldier
  • Julien Van Mellaerts | Second Nazarene and Second Soldier
  • Rouwen Huther | First Jew
  • Marcel Reijans | Second Jew
  • Mark Omvlee | Third Jew
  • Patrick Vogel | Fourth Jew
  • Alexander Vassiliev | Fifth Jew
  • Jasper Leever | A Cappadocian
  • Satriya Krisna | A Slave
  • Verbier Festival Orchestra
  • Charles Dutoit | Conductor