Tannhauser - Monte-Carlo, 2017 - Cura, Stutzmann, Grinda (Digital Vide – Iconic Arts
Tannhauser - Monte-Carlo, 2017 - Cura, Stutzmann, Grinda (Digital Video)

Tannhauser - Monte-Carlo, 2017 - Cura, Stutzmann, Grinda (Digital Video)

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Title: Tannhäuser
Composer: Richard Wagner
Date: February, 2017 
Location: Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Monaco
Language: French
Subtitles: French
Media Download Available: Digital Video (DVD)
Quality & Size: Excellent/Professional (867 MB)
Details: World premiere in the international lyric world! Jean-Louis Grinda staged the French version of the opera. Live from the Monte-Carlo Opera, discover this complex work of the German romantic composer, both sulphurous and holy, rejected then adored by the French public. Nathalie Stutzmann tackles this fifth opera by Wagner, a powerful work revised for the Paris Opera in 1861.

The program of the evening
It is the French version of "Tannhäuser" that the Opera of Monte-Carlo has chosen to share with us with a staging of its director Jean-Louis Grinda. Directed a few years later by Richard Wagner in the language of Molière, especially for the public of the Paris Opera, this version was, during its presentation in 1861, a real flop. The Parisian public violently rejects the work and the opera is deprogrammed after only three performances. Because of this failure, Wagner loses a lot of money; Thanks to the scandal, it gained a worldwide fame.

The great Argentine tenor José Cura (also conductor) sings for the occasion in French. He was the first artist to achieve the feat of singing and conducting an orchestra at the same time. And his talent does not stop there! In 2012 he completed his incredible C.V. by directing the opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie.
For this performance the tenor will be monotache, but what a task! He will play Tannhäuser, one of the most complex tenor parts of the Wagnerian repertoire.

Nathalie Stutzmann, for her part, takes the role of conductor. She is the founder of the ensemble Orfeo 55 which she has titled in this way as a tribute to the character of Orpheus. His growing career exported to the International in Ireland and Brazil. She is also preparing to join the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. Born of a baritone father and a soprano mother, Nathalie Stutzmann is also a singer. This contralto carries with talent, for this magnificent evening, the cap of conductor.