Charity – Iconic Arts


Iconic Arts is an internationally acclaimed non-profit organization which is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Arts, and specifically that of live artistic performances.

We accomplish this task through a wide assortment of program endeavors that work to compile, restore, archive, and promote the world's greatest artistic performances. 

Promotion of the Arts

Iconic works with schools, educators, artists, and local organizations from around the world to expand the reach of the Arts. From Music Sampling Days in inner-city schools to Master Classes for community organizations (and everything in between), we strive to bring the Arts to as many global citizens as possible. We at Iconic understand well both the passion and the therapeutic potential that the Arts can provide, and we work hard to bring that incredible potential to the masses.

Compile & Archive

Iconic is dedicated to preserving the world's Arts, and specifically the greatest artistic performances, so that future generations have the awesome ability to experience and study such iconic achievements. Too many great artists and performances have been lost to time, and Iconic Arts is dedicated to ensuring that never happens again.


Thanks to the technological advances of recent years, Iconic Arts is working diligently to restore some of the world's greatest performances to as close to their original state as possible. Many of these performances were captured on basic equipment and were stored without the proper considerations. It is a painstaking and expensive process to bring these performances back to life, but it is nevertheless a process that is worthwhile. We are dedicated to continuing the required work until every last performance has been restored and protected.

We greatly appreciate our partners and donors, and we thank you for your continuous support of the Arts and of our organization. To donate directly to Iconic Art's program initiates, please click here.