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About Us

What is Iconic Arts:

Iconic Arts is an internationally acclaimed non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Arts, and specifically that of live artistic performances. We accomplish this task through a wide assortment of program endeavors that work to compile, restore, archive, and promote the world's greatest artistic performances. Please see our Charity Page to learn more about the incredible work that the organization does.

    Iconic Arts was originally founded by a group of diverse Arts lovers; ranging from industry insiders & performers to teachers & retired executives. No matter our differences in background, race, or nationality, however, we all have one thing in common; a love and passion for the Arts generally, and for live musical performances specifically.
      Iconic Arts Website:

      The idea behind opening a Member facing website was two-fold:
      • To make these iconic performances available as instant digital downloads to global citizens who would otherwise not have the ability to enjoy such performances. From geographic location limitations to lack of funds, we understand that many obstacles exist in preventing most of the world from having the ability to enjoy these performances in person. We are dedicated to combatting those obstacles in order to share these Iconic Arts with the world at large; and
      • To raise additional funds for the comprehensive and essential work that the organization does. In addition to raising funds for our incredible programs, we count on our members to assist in expanding our mission of promoting and preserving the Arts. 


      Iconic Art's Guarantees:  

      • We guarantee that 100% of every dollar the organization raises goes directly to the implementation and support of our incredible charitable programs;

      • We guarantee that you will be provided with the world's most iconic arts and greatest performances, and as soon as they are available. Our digital files are guaranteed to work perfectly, each time you play them, and you will receive them with ease, in an instant, and at the lowest possible donation price. Gone are the days of being forced to settle for mediocre quality, broken or scratched discs, poor craftsmanship and misplaced items, ugly websites that rarely work, poor selections, complicated pricing schedules, significant shipping costs, and subsequent shipping delays.
      • We guarantee that a member's inability to pay will never stand in the way of their ability to enjoy the beauty and therapeutic potential that these performances provide. To that end, please contact us directly if you are unable to afford a purchase, and we are happy to provide gratis items to those members that meet the set financial need requirements. Please also contact us if you know of an organization or after-school group that would benefit from the performances we provide. 
      • We guarantee that we will consistently provide for a wide variety of tastes and genres through our storefront website. We have a large network of distributors and traders, as well as tens of thousands of performances that we are converting to digital files, so check back often for new releases of both new and rare performances. 
      • We guarantee these are the lowest donation prices that you will pay for the digital downloads of these performances. If in some rare scenario you find the same performance offered elsewhere for less, please contact us and we will not only match the price, but give you an additional 10% savings on top. 

          Thank you for your support of our organization, for your continued support of the Arts, and we look forward to serving your Arts & performance needs for many years to come!