Alice By Heart - Live on Stage, NYC (2019) – Iconic Arts
Alice By Heart - Live on Stage, NYC (2019)

Alice By Heart - Live on Stage, NYC (2019)

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Title: Alice By Heart
Musical by: Jessie Nelson & Steven Sater
Date: March, 2019
Location: Robert Wilson Theatre, New York City
Language: English
Media Download Available: High Definition Digital Video (HD DVD) 
Quality & Size: Excellent (High Definition)/ Fan Shot (3.77 GB). Beautiful video, but it drops during the last song due to a dead battery!
Duration: 1 hour, 33 minutes
Details: As they travel through the tale, ALICE BY HEART explores the poignancy of first love, coming to terms with loss, and finding the courage to move forward. This world premiere musical encourages us all to celebrate the transformational power of the imagination, even in the harshest of times. Cast includes: Molly Gordon (Alice Spencer) Colton Ryan (Alfred Hallam/The White Rabbit/The March Hare) Wesley Taylor (Harold Pudding/The Mad Hatter/Mock Mock Turtle/Pigeon) Kim Blank (Tabatha/Cheshire Cat/Caterpillar 2) Grace McLean (Red Cross Nurse/Queen of Hearts/Marvelous Magpie) Andrew Kober (Dr.Butridge/The Jabberwocky/Mock Turtle/King of Hearts/Duck) Heath Saunders (Angus/Caterpillar ) Noah Galvin (Dodgy/Duchess/Dodo/Mock Mock Mock Mock Turtle) Catherine Ricafort (Clarissa/Canary/Mock Mock Turtle).