Carmina Burana - Orange, France (2014) - High Definition – Iconic Arts
Carmina Burana - Orange, France (2014) - High Definition

Carmina Burana - Orange, France (2014) - High Definition

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Title: Carmina Burana (in Concert)
Composer: Carl Orff
Date: July, 2014
Location: Ancient Theatre, Orange, France
Language: Original
Subtitles: None
Media Download Available: High Definition Digital Video (HD DVD) 
Quality & Size: Superb (High Definition)/ Professional (760 MB)
Duration: 1 hour, 8 minutes
Details: Opera-cantata composed in 1937 and which was a great success in the Germany of the Third Reich, "Carmina Burana" remains one of Carl Orff's most famous works. The Bavarian composer was inspired by songs in medieval Latin from a collection of the thirteenth century, discovered in a monastery in Beuren, Upper Bavaria. These songs come from all over Europe. For this version, cartoonist and cartoonist Philippe Druillet signs the visual universe of the show. Thanks to the video mapping, his drawings are projected and animated in relief on the wall of the ancient theater of Orange, accompanying the story of this work, among the most popular of the twentieth century. Performers include: Julia Bauer (soprano), Max Emanuel Cencic (countertenor), and Armando Noguera (baritone).